Sense of contact and flow
Touch is the first language mothers use to communicate with their babies. It is the only means to connect, love, share kindness and care. So, touch has been a very important means of communication to mankind.

From a Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner’s point of view anatomical knowledge is important, but when it comes to “feeling” it’s a different dimension.

  • The practitioner has to be aware of his/her own body first.
  • Establish connection with the recipient.
  • Apply techniques and pressure according to the condition of the recipient’s body.
  • Smoothly translate from one posture to another.
  • Listen to his / her own intuition.

The practitioners adopt some of the basic teachings of Buddhism in order to cultivate and deepen their massage offerings. There are four principles that form the basic inner stance, or attitude, of the practitioner during massage.

  • Metta– loving kindness, making offerings from our heart for the benefit of others
  • Karuna– compassion and the appeal to reach out and ease suffering
  • Mudita– joy for the joy and good fortune of others
  • Upekkha– recognition of unity; interacting with others from a place of equality and equanimity

The practitioner holds a powerful intent for the healing and this intent resonates deeply within the recipient too. The practitioner will be fully present, attentive, non judgmental and aware.