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Namaste, Welcome to IMOSHA, the school of Thai Yoga Massage, where you learn a set of healing methods that have their origins in yoga and acupressure, blending the best of these ancient sciences into one immensely powerful healing system. One of the best school for basic, Intermediate and advanced courses on Thai Yoga Massage including Toksen, Japsen, Guasa, Singing Bowls and other ancient healing arts. It is also the only school with ISO 9001 2015 certification.

Our Courses

This course will enable you to work in supine, side, seated positions.
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This course focuses on the therapeutic aspects of Thai Yoga Massage.
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Reflexology is not just foot massage, it is also complementary to medical treatment
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Introduction, Definition, Philosophical references, Theory of five great elements
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All Types
Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is not just foot massage, it is also complementary to medical treatment. It is a holistic approach for well-being, as we believe that the feet reflects the body, organs…

Amatarot Therapy

We at IMOSHA practice and promote the therapeutic healing art of Amatarot, envisioned and practiced by Luampo Somboon, a Thai Buddhist monk who dedicated his life to developing the unique technique of bodywork and traditional Thai medicine.

Meditative Singing Bowls

The IMOSHA method of Sound Therapy following the lineage of Master Shree brings together relaxing and therapeutic sound to achieve overall well-being.


The word “Guasa” is actually created by a combination of two Chinese words “gua” and “sa”. Guasa means ‘scraping’ in Chinese

Thai Yoga Massage

Namaste, Welcome to our school of Thai Yoga Massage, where you learn a set of healing methods that have their origins in yoga and acupressure,

How to Choose the Right Thai Therapy?


What People Say

“Thai Bodywork Training is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. It is truly a beautiful form of art – healing art and moving meditation at the same time. Training with Raghu made me realized how big pot…


January 29, 2018

Maija Maija Meijere

“I completed the Level I & II Thai Yoga Bodywork course in October of 2013, and was so pleased with the IMOSHA training that I returned for Toksen training in May of 2014. Ihave also taken advantage of opportunities for refre…


January 29, 2018

Bernie Gourley

Very hands on approach to learning Thai Yoga Bodyworks. “I did four weeks of Level I & II with Raghu, and it was an interesting and interactive way of learning Thai Yoga Bodyworks which I enjoyed thoroughly….


January 29, 2018

Very hands on approach to learning Thai Yoga Bodyworks

Thai Yoga Massage at Imosha with Raghu. “Taking the Thai Yoga Massage with Imosha is a good choice. Raghu is a wonderful teacher, always helpful, friendly, and supportive. My classmates and I learned so muc…

January 29, 2018


Found my path through IMOSHA. “I am very thankful to Teacher Raghu, as I have been able to make full time career after learning with him. He is a great teacher and human being. I have finally found my path. …


Thai Yoga Massage practitioner
January 13, 2018

Sam Bajwa

“Thank you for these great and very detailed Thai yoga massage classes. Your kind way of explaining even more difficult things like anatomy made it very easy to understand the massage techniques. After the 10 days course I re…


January 29, 2018

Nicole Ohlenmacher

“This Thai Yoga Bodywork course was an incredible experience. I learned so much from Raghu who was always helpful and available. I feel that this course gave me the tools and experience that i needed to start out. I was lucky…


South Africa
January 29, 2018

Charmelle Taute,

“I took the 10 day Thai yoga Bodywork course in Mysore. Raghu has always conducted the course in a very relaxing and professional way. He made it clear what would be done for the ten days and the course is based mostly in pra…


January 29, 2018

Otavio Vieira


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The Art of Toksen: Enhancing Therapeutic Effects in Thai Yoga Bodywork

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In today's fast-paced corporate world, stress has become an inevitable part of daily life for many professionals. Long hours, tight...
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Thai Yoga Bodywork and Chakras: Aligning Energy Centres for Holistic Healing

As the world looks towards holistic healing, many ancient practices have resurfaced in modern times, offering profound insights into the...
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The 7 Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork has emerged as a transformative practice that harmonises the body, mind and spirit. Originating from ancient Thai...
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