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Basic & Intermediate Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Course.

Basic & Intermediate Thai Yoga Massage

Level 1 & 2 (60 hours / 10 days)
This course will enable you to work in supine, side, seated and prone positions. You will be Introduced to the concept of energy lines (SEN) and acupressure points. You also learn the body dynamics and its usage to perform a high quality bodywork. On completion of the course you will be able to deliver 60-120 min of bodywork for relaxation with ease.
Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Course & Certification

Thai Yoga Massage Advanced

Level 3 & 4 (30 Hours / 5 Days)
This course focuses on the therapeutic aspects of Thai Yoga Massage. You will also learn the ancient system of massage called TOKSEN (working with wooden wedge and mallet on energy lines of the body) along with the pressure points to relieve back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc.
Guasa Therapy - Guasa Healing - Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Courses

Introduction to Guasa Therapy

The word, “Guasa”, is actually created from the combination of the spelling of 2 Chinese words’, “gua” and “sa”. Guasa means ‘scraping’ in Chinese. guasa is a therapy that make use of scrapping technique to achieve healing results, so it is also commonly known as the scrapping therapy or massage therapy. The “sa” actually refers to the toxic and dead cells that were accumulated beneath our skin.
Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training Certification (TTC)

Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training

Introduction, Definition, Philosophical references, Theory of five great elements and its importance, Tridodhas in detail, Tastes and its importance, Importance of food, Importance of Agni and Ama, Importance of cleansing and fasting.
Singing Bowl Therapy | Healing Sound Therapy | Sound Healing

Singing bowl

Welcome to the world of healing through the vibration of sound.
Learn the ancient healing art, which is practiced traditionally in Nepal under the lineage of Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi.
Reiki Healing Course | Reiki Therapy | Thai Massage Therapy Courses


Reiki, universal Life force energy has been used across the world from time immemorial to heal physical and energetic imbalances. In the course you will be initiated to Reiki Level 1&2 and learn about