Massage and Sleep

Sleep is most important for our wellbeing. Sleep deprivation reduces the productivity and increases risk at work place. It could also lead to many diseases.

The Four Principles of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage should always follow these four basic principles Always start from the extremities of the body (laterally), work toward the core of the body (medially),

Om Namo Shivago

Thai Yoga Massage Class Prayer Translation I was so delighted when I received the news letter some time back from THAI (Thai Healing Alliance) and

How to avoid Fatigue and Injury during Thai Yoga Massage session

Thai Yoga Massage / Bodywork practitioners could be exposed to injuries and fatigue during the bodywork if they

My Thai Yoga Massage Teachers in Chiang Mai

I have been in love with the teachings and learning bestowed upon me in Chiang Mai. I had the privilege of learning from different teachers having different styles of Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Bodywork / Yoga Nexus

5 Points in a Thai Yoga Bodywork / Yoga Nexus by Bernie Gourley It was October of 2013 and I found my way to the Meditation Hall at the Fireflies Ashram off

Sense Of Contact & Flow – Thai Yoga Massage School, Mysore

Sense of contact and flow Touch is the first language mothers use to communicate with their babies. It is the only means to connect, love, share kindness and care.

Amatarot therapy

We at IMOSHA practice and promote the therapeutic healing art of Amatarot, envisioned and practiced by Luampo Somboon, a Thai Buddhist monk who dedicated his life to developing the unique technique of bodywork and traditional Thai medicine.

Foot Reflexology, sole for well-being

Reflexology is not just foot massage, it is also complementary to medical treatment. It is a holistic approach for well-being, as we believe that the feet reflects the body, organs and glands. We work with the right pressure on the feet, which would keep the recipient comfortable.