Thai Yoga Massage Advanced


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Advanced SEN
Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Course & Certification
Advanced (levels 3 and 4)

Fees Structure

Level 3 & 4 INR 30,000/-

Prerequisite: Level 1 & 2

This course focuses on the therapeutic aspects of Thai Yoga Massage. You will also learn the ancient system of massage called TOKSEN (working with wooden wedge and mallet on energy lines of the body) along with the pressure points to relieve back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc. You will learn about the advance energy lines (SEN) and the ailments associated with the disruption of these lines using yet another modality of bodywork known as JAPSEN (famous style of Mama Lek Chaiya and Jack Chaiya, Chiang Mai). On completion of the course you will be able to deliver therapeutic 60-120 min of bodywork effortlessly.

Advanced (levels 3 and 4/Therapeutic) have the following structure

  • Advanced SEN(Energy Line)
  • Toksen & Japsen
  • Pressure Point location and treatment

Advanced / Therapeutic Course Contents

The breakup is as follows:
  • Introduction to Toksen – History, benefits, and contraindications
  • Using the Toksen equipment
  • Practicing Toksen in Supine and side position
  • Practicing Toksen in Prone and seated position
  • Choreographing Toksen in combination with Thai Yoga Massage
The advanced techniques of Thai Yoga Massage delve into the energy lines of the body (Sen) and the ailments and conditions that disrupt the energy lines. The lines include:
  • Sen itta, Pingkala
  • Sen Sumana
  • Sen Kalathari
  • Sen Lawusang, Ulangka
  • Sen Sahatsarangsi, Thawari
The understanding of the energy lines helps in identifying the massage techniques that alleviate pain and promote energy flow along the disrupted Sen.

Learning to locate pressure points and understanding how Acupressure / Toksen / Japsen / Thai Yoga Massage techniques are incorporated to promote healing and convalescence.

Some of the ailments addressed are:

  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain