Privacy Policy

Privacy & Policy

By virtue of you signing up, either for our courses, or on the website, we would be entrusted with information personal to you. We will never share your information with anybody. However, your information may reach IMOSHA or partner staff in the following circumstances:
    • Your name and perhaps your contact number – If you have requested for a pick-up, or if you call on any of the numbers that are manned by personnel of IMOSHA or partner organisations and locations, the staff will be in possession of your information. We would try to ensure that your information is not misused, but should your information reach them without our knowledge, it may be a little difficult for us to prevent any misuse. However, we regularly conduct an audit of mobile phones and telephone directories at our location as well as partners, to ensure your privacy is not compromised.
    • Your credit card, or bank information – if you have made an online payment, or have made a bank transfer, your full name at the least will be available. Also, for the purpose of accounting, we may maintain your customer profile in a system of record. We make sure this system is not accessible to anyone who is beyond the governance structure of IMOSHA. In most cases it will only be Raghu, or someone in a very senior position, and perhaps our corporate auditors, who would automatically be governed by IMOSHA’s privacy policy, who may be able to access your personal information. We will never keep it in a location that is accessible to anyone else.
    • Contact – we may contact you, perhaps by email, if you have agreed to be in touch. This form of contact will be infrequent, completely in your control as to whether, and how frequently we may call or write to you. We would never allow anyone else to contact you on our behalf, without express permission from you beforehand.