About Raghu

Seen through the eyes of his students as a master of his discipline; It is Raghu’s passion for bodywork and focused ability to channel healing energy that makes what he does a form of art. After years of experience in working with the human form, and imparting inexhaustible knowledge onto his many students, he still views himself and nothing more than a devoted student of this practice. Raghu’s spiritual journey began when he was 13 years old, as he started to experience a pull towards a deeper understanding of the Self; His practice of exercises, yogasana and meditation built an appreciation for the body and mind as the channel for understanding his consciousness. Raghu made the decision to surrender a successful career and devote himself to furthering his spiritual awareness. Raghu started with learning the Basics of Thai Yoga Massage and fell in love with the art instantly. His humility drives his continuing studies of the healing arts. He visits Chiang Mai quite often to learn with the masters of different lineage. Certified with Advance Diploma in Thai Yoga Bodywork, Japsen, Toksen and having more than 500 hours of training in different modalities of bodywork, he continued expanding his capacity in the healing arts by taking up the practices of Reiki and Life Regression techniques, which have complimented his abilities as a teacher through their powers of unlocking hidden potential and bringing deeper insight to physiological and psychological processes. Now well-versed in a combination of disciplines; Raghu blends his technical proficiencies and understanding of universal energy to give rise to a unique and exceptional form of healing.

About Mysore, Accommodation and Food

Welcome to the heritage city Mysuru (changed its name from Mysore) is one of South India’s most enchanting cities, known for its glittering royal heritage and magnificent monuments. Places like Mysuru Palace, Chamundi hills, Brindavan gardens, Rail museum, Kukrahalli lake, Bandipur national park , Lalithmahal palace have been visited by tourists frequently. Several acclaimed schools for Yoga and related activities has attracted visitors from across the globe.


We assist our students in finding accommodation around the school according to their budget. Accommodation costs will be extra.


Mysore, like all the other south Indian states is mostly rice based. You will be surprised by the variety of Dosas and its accompaniment. They are a must try. Lunch is wholesome, which includes a cereal salads, vegetable cooked in tamarind juice with chilli powder, broth of lentils and vegetables cooked together with ground coconut, spices, tamarind and chilli powder . You will also find variety of local sweets unique to Mysore. You will also find western style food very easily as there are lot of cafes and restaurants catering the same.You find lot of restaurants around the school.


We can connect you to trusted people for airport pick up and drop.
Please write to us at raghu@imosha.com , we will be happy to assist you.


Found my path through IMOSHA. "I am very thankful to Teacher Raghu, as I have been able to make full time career after learning with him. He is a great teacher and human being. I have finally found my path. ...
Sam Bajwa
Thai Yoga Massage practitioner
January 13, 2018
Thai Yoga Massage at Imosha with Raghu. "Taking the Thai Yoga Massage with Imosha is a good choice. Raghu is a wonderful teacher, always helpful, friendly, and supportive. My classmates and I learned so muc...
January 29, 2018
Very hands on approach to learning Thai Yoga Bodyworks. "I did four weeks of Level I & II with Raghu, and it was an interesting and interactive way of learning Thai Yoga Bodyworks which I enjoyed thoroughly....
Very hands on approach to learning Thai Yoga Bodyworks
January 29, 2018
"I completed the Level I & II Thai Yoga Bodywork course in October of 2013, and was so pleased with the IMOSHA training that I returned for Toksen training in May of 2014. Ihave also taken advantage of opportunities for refre...
Bernie Gourley
January 29, 2018
"Thai Bodywork Training is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. It is truly a beautiful form of art – healing art and moving meditation at the same time. Training with Raghu made me realized how big pot...
Maija Maija Meijere
January 29, 2018
"Thank you for these great and very detailed Thai yoga massage classes. Your kind way of explaining even more difficult things like anatomy made it very easy to understand the massage techniques. After the 10 days course I re...
Nicole Ohlenmacher
January 29, 2018
"This Thai Yoga Bodywork course was an incredible experience. I learned so much from Raghu who was always helpful and available. I feel that this course gave me the tools and experience that i needed to start out. I was lucky...
Charmelle Taute,
South Africa
January 29, 2018
"I took the 10 day Thai yoga Bodywork course in Mysore. Raghu has always conducted the course in a very relaxing and professional way. He made it clear what would be done for the ten days and the course is based mostly in pra...
Otavio Vieira
January 29, 2018