Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training

Teacher Training Curriculum (180Hours)

Week 1

Level 1 (5 days – 30 hours)

Week 2

Level 2 (5 days – 30 hours)

Week 3

Level 3&4 (5 days – 30 hours)

Week 4

Anatomy and Ayurveda (5 days - 10 hours)

Week 5 &6

Internship (10 days - 60 hours)


Introduction, Definition, Philosophical references, Theory of five great elements and its importance, Tridodhas in detail, Tastes and its importance, Importance of food, Importance of Agni and Ama, Importance of cleansing and fasting.


Introduction to Cell, tissues, organs and system, Muscular system, Skeletal system, Lymphatic system, Nervous system, Cardio-Vascular system, Digestive system, Endocrine system, Respiratory system, Reproductive system.

Body balancing and Meditation (12 hours)

Sama Breathing (8 hours)

We admit only 4 participants in a batch for Teacher Training Course.
  • Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training Certification (TTC)