Thai Yoga Massage Class Prayer Translation

I was so delighted when I received the news letter some time back from THAI (Thai Healing Alliance) and found a more clear translation of the prayer, which we chant every day in every class. As we know that the prayer is in Pali language, which was contemporary to Sanskrit has some Thai language mixed and the pronunciation varied from region to region.

The meaning of many words in the prayer was translated and you can find some of them below

Ahang (Aham) – I, me, my

Arahato – an arhat, a worthy one

Aroga (arogya) to be free from disease

Chandang (jantan, candam) – moon

Piyo tewa – priya dewa

Dibba (tipa/divya) – divine

Dibbamantang (tipa mantang / divya mantra)- divine chanting

Homi – to me, for me

Karuniko ( Karunisu ) – compassion, one who has compassion , bless us

Komarabhacco (Gomalapato) – Jivaka’s second name kru (Guru) (khru) (Thai) teacher

Manusanang ( manukula ) – the human race

Naa (nakha) naga – a deity that takes the shape of a great serpent

Namo – homage

Osadha (osatha / aushada) – medicine

Pabhaso (pabaso, papaso / prakasha) luminous, to give light

Pakasesi (prakashisi) – to shine

Pandito (bantito )- pandit, or wise man

Piyinsiang (pininsiang) – one who has clarity of the senses and control of their faculties

Piyo (priya) – beloved

Proma – Thai pronunciation for Brahma, of the Indian pantheon

Putaya – Thai pronunciation of Buddhaya or Buddhaaya, which means Buddha

Sapasatanang (sabbasattanam) – all sentient beings

Sirasa (silasa) – The correct meaning of sirasa is “head”

Sumana – healthy, happy

Sumedhaso (sumetasso / medhavi) – intelligent, wise, accomplished

Supananang – heavenly beings

Suriya – sun

Vandami (wantami / vandane) to pay respect

So, the prayer after translation would look like below

I pay homage by bowing my head to Jivaka. With compassion for all beings, he has brought us divine medicine. Kumara bhacha shines as brightly as the sun and the moon. I pay respect to the great pandit, to the wise one. May there be happiness and freedom from illness. I revere the one who is adored by deities, by humans, and by Brahma; the one who is adored by nagas and by heavenly beings; the one who is of pure faculties. May all illness and disease be healed.

I thank Mr. Bob Haddad for sharing the translation of the prayer.