My Thai Yoga Massage Teachers in Chiang Mai

I have been in love with the teachings and learning bestowed upon me in Chiang Mai. I had the privilege of learning from different teachers having different styles of Thai Massage but having the same goal, Wellbeing.

Ms Picnic, Director/Teacher of SMH, is one of the most respected teachers in Chiang Mai. Her School SMH (School of Massage for Health) is one of the first few schools recognized by the Ministry of Education, Thailand. She takes care of her students like a mother taking care of her children. She offers much more than just training, which helps the students to understand the essence of Thai Massage. Ms Picnic has created a beautiful environment for learning, which also has a spacious and lush garden setting.

Mr. Jack Chaiya, Director / Teacher at ‘Jack Chaiya Thai Massage School’, is one of the most amazing teachers in Chiang Mai. Kru Jack has inherited the legacy and great reputation of his mother, Momma lek Chaiya, Her style is called “Nerve Touch” Thai Massage. Kru Jack, is a very friendly natured teacher with whom learning becomes easy. The techniques he practices and teach are highly effective and the feeling after a massage session with him cannot be just put in words.

Ajarn Sinchai Sukparset is a blind practitioner and Teacher of Thai Massage. He is Chiang Mai’s most experienced and competent practitioner of therapeutic Massage. He also specializes in paralysis and stroke rehabilitation. His knowledge in therapeutic massage is simply amazing. He has been an inspiration for me to start Thai Massage classes for the blind community in India.

About the author

Raghu is the Founder / Teacher at IMOSHA. Seen through the eyes of his students as a master of his discipline; It is Raghu’s passion for bodywork and focused ability to channel healing energy that makes what he does a form of art. After years of experience in working with the human form, and imparting inexhaustible knowledge onto his many students, he still views himself and nothing more than a devoted student of this practice.