Sleep is most important for our wellbeing. Sleep deprivation reduces the productivity and increases risk at work place. It could also lead to many diseases. The stress hormone is approximately 50 % higher in people with less sleep.

Pramod visited us with sleep deficit issues though he was able to sleep for 6 hours but semiconsciously wakeful at night, which made him feel tired the next day. In spite of visiting the doctor, he was not able to get back to his normal sleep routine. He said he had read about massage helping with sleep but skeptical about the fact that it could help him with his condition.

What Massage does

Studies have shown that massage increases serotonin, which in turn increases melatonin and regulate circadian rhythm. It also relaxes the muscles and improves the blood circulation.
Pramod started feeling better after his first session of relaxing Thai Yoga Bodywork. He said he felt so relaxed that he thought he had full night’s sleep and felt energized. He started to regularly take massage / bodywork sessions and he says his condition is lot better than it used to be and doesn’t feel tired during the day anymore.

It is a good practice to involve massage in our routine for wellbeing. Massage or Bodywork has a lot of benefits to offer to human kind.