Guasa Healing Therapy is an ancient Chinese healing technique that predates modern medicine. It is a therapy that makes use of scraping techniques, with the aid of tools, to treat illnesses. A practitioner applies Guasa oil to the skin and uses a massage tool to repeatedly scrape the skin to simulate micro-circulation of the soft tissue. This increases the blood flow and breaks up energy blocks, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. By repeatedly stimulating certain areas, Guasa also helps remove toxins and non-circulating blood from the body. It offers a unique approach to better living.

Etymology of Guasa

Literally, ‘Gua’ means ‘Scratch’ and ‘Sha’ translates to ‘Sand’. Combined together, the word ‘Guasa’ means ‘scraping’. Though Sha means sand, it is only an analogy and the technique does not actually use sand. The sand analogy originated from the tiny dots that emerge under the skin when practitioners scrape the skin using a Guasa tool. The dots, which are actually toxins and dead cells that are accumulated beneath the skin, resemble grains of sand, which led to the process being called Gua Sha. 

A Tool That Heals

The only tool required to perform Guasa is a scraping board. That said, the best Guasa tool is something that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. The material of the scraping board must be such that it does not transmit heat or electrostatic charge. Guasa boards are commonly made from jade, water buffalo horn, ceramic, and even metal or wood. Metal plates and spoons can also be used to perform Guasa.

The use of certain materials is linked to specific goals. For example, Quartz benefits the immune system, Crystal Amethyst relieves stress, cleanses negative energy and promotes relaxation, Water Buffalo Horn is good for dispelling heat and cooling the system, Metal tools are cool to the touch and do not need to be refrigerated before use, Stones cleanse and balance the body’s energy, while Jade is known to be a detoxifier and has several healing properties.

When performing the therapy on direct skin, it is best that Guasa oil or coconut oil is applied to avoid damage to the skin and enhance the therapeutic effect of the treatment.   

Guasa, when done right, has many benefits. It promotes blood circulation by stimulating the Yin Yang meridians, relaxes the body by relieving tension from the muscles, strengthens the immune system, promotes metabolism and oxygen intake, enhances memory and focus, slows down ageing process and visibly brightens the skin tone.

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