How to avoid Fatigue and Injury during Thai Yoga Massage session

Thai Yoga Massage / Bodywork practitioners could be exposed to injuries and fatigue during the bodywork if they don’t pay attention to their own body dynamics and mechanics. This could also deplete the practitioner’s energy and cause exhaustion. Hence awareness of the body and the movement is very important during the bodywork.

To start with, the practitioner’s attitude towards the self is important. Disciplined lifestyle is the secret of successful practitioners. This assists the recipient to achieve a state of balance between body and mind / be in a blissful state / experience the divine and realize their inner mountain of tranquility. The bodywork becomes Meditation in Movement for the practitioner. We also need to develop a regime for ourselves to keep fit, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi gong etc.

The posture we choose to sit and apply pressure with thumbs, elbow or knee is important as this determines our leverage and application of the bodyweight to apply pressure on the energy lines or points. The pressure should be just enough for the recipient to handle it well without much discomfort. Applying unnecessary pressure just mechanically is not the way to assist the recipient heal. By doing so we would also end up using a bad posture and also use up more energy than needed.

If the practitioner has to perform 120 minutes of bodywork and has more than 2 appointments for the day, then he/she has to have that kind of stamina and the ergonomics to move through the sessions smoothly without getting tired. It is then; the practitioners will feel the bodywork as ‘Meditation in Movement’ rather than a monotonous routine.

Any posture we choose to work with, be it Supine, side, seated or prone, we as practitioners need to focus on our comfortable and safe position as we may stay in that position for a long time and also it should be easy to access the recipient’s body easily and deliver the pressure as much as it is required by the recipient. Here we could choose from different techniques, which require us to use our thumbs, palms, elbow, knee or the foot and the principle remains same.

At IMOSHA (one of the best school for traditional Thai Massage), We strive to train our students with right body dymanics, ergonomics and much more, which enables them to enjoy each and every session and assist the recipient feel rejuvenated. Our students practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage and Toksen have been able to successfully achieve this blissful state by touching peoples’ lives positively.

About the Author

Raghu is the Founder / Teacher at IMOSHA (Mysore and Bangalore). Seen through the eyes of his students as a master of his discipline; It is Raghu’s passion for bodywork and focused ability to channel healing energy that makes what he does a form of art. After years of experience in working with the human form, and imparting inexhaustible knowledge onto his many students, he still views himself and nothing more than a devoted student of this practice.