We at IMOSHA practice and promote the therapeutic healing art of Amatarot, envisioned and practiced by Luampo Somboon, a Thai Buddhist monk who dedicated his life to developing the unique technique of bodywork and traditional Thai medicine.

As Luampo Somboon travelled from temple to temple treating many monks, he soon started to gain reputation in the monk’s circle. Because of the effectiveness of his treatments, he was called to treat Ajahn Luang Ta Maja Bua (one of the most revered monks in Thailand) when he lost mobility due to an accident. After his therapy, Luang Ta Maja Bua gained his mobility and Luampo Somboon became one of the most important monk therapists in Thailand.
The word “Amatarot” (Amata and Rot) which translates in Sanskrit to Amrita and Alod. English meaning of the same would be
Amata – Nectar of life
Rot – Churn
The term can also be correlated to Hindu mythology where Gods and demons churned the ocean to get the nectar of life (Amrita)

So with Amatarot, we work towards achieving a new dimension of life. Amatarot works deeply on the tendons and fascia. The therapeutic aspect of Amatarot can address right from postural imbalance, joints issues, all kinds of physical pains, low energy, tensions, sciatica pain, back pain, neck pain to face lift and much more. It stimulates and awakens cells in the body like no other therapy.

We also combine Amatarot with body balancing techniques which allows the recipient to have a better physical structure and achieve overall balance (Yoga in true sense).