Introduction to Guasa Therapy

The word, “Guasa”, is actually created from the combination of the spelling of 2 Chinese words’, “gua” and “sa”. Guasa means ‘scraping’ in Chinese. guasa is a therapy that make use of scrapping technique to achieve healing results, so it is also commonly known as the scrapping therapy or massage therapy. The “sa” actually refers to the toxic and dead cells that were accumulated beneath our skin.

Tools required to perform Guasa

The only tool that you will need to perform guasa is a scrapping board that doesn’t transmit heat and electrostatic charges. Guasa boards made out of jade, water buffalo horn, ceramic spoon or wood can be used to perform Guasa. If you need to perform guasa on skin directly, guasa oil / cocunut oil will be needed to further enhance the therapeutic effect as well as to avoid damaging your skin with the scrapping board.


Benefits of Guasa

  • Eliminate harmful toxins
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Relax the body and strengthen immune system.
  • visibly brightens your skin.
  • Promote metabolism and oxygen intake
  • Slow down ageing process


Over the two days period you will learn

To perform Guasa on the face, arms, legs, back  and head. You will learn to work in  supine, Prone and seated positions.


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