The concept of Sen or Energy Lines

Everything you perceive, know and experience is a function of the universal life force energy. This life force – energy courses through our being, our consciousness, our soul.  The channels which carry the life force energy can sometimes be blocked or unbalanced causing discomfort or disease. The channels which carry the life force energy are referred as ‘Energy lines’ ‘Nadis’ or ‘Sen’.

This is also the basis for all the healing arts as we focus on the energy movements, rather than just look at only the body for the answers. Thai Yoga Bodywork is no different.


The picture describes the multitude of energy lines that traverse the length, breadth, and depth of the human body. The premise of Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage and other healing arts is, in fact manipulating the physical body to channel these energy lines.  It eases the flow of energy by removing the physical blocks.

Thai Yoga Bodywork and the Energy lines or Meridians

Thai Yoga Bodywork aims at stimulating the meridians through acupressure and assisted yoga, where the recipient is assisted by the practitioner in attaining the precise yogic posture that stimulates the channels, thus unblocking the energy flow throughout the body.

Young woman getting traditional thai stretching massage by therapist

Additionally, the massage techniques further enhance the efficacy of assisted yoga by targeting specific points along the meridians with pressure and movement.

The benefit of a Thai Yoga Massage is derived principally, by the practitioner’s precise understanding of how the meridians can be channelized in order to direct the flow of the energy between the multitudes of branches of Sen.

Learning the art

The Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts (IMOSHA) Thai Yoga Bodywork course focuses on helping future practitioners understand the meridians as well as treating certain ailments associated with the blocking of these energy lines. This understanding, when combined with the understanding of meditation and yoga gives practitioners the ability to diagnose Qi blocks and unlock the recipient’s Qi Flow.

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