The Healing Art of Touch: A certification course in Thai Yoga Bodywork

1st – 7th of October 2017

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An immersion course with master bodyworker Raghu Chandrashekar; Set in the serene and energetically rich lands of Sukawati, on the idyllic eastern shore of Bali. This all-inclusive seven-day certification course is an opportunity to cultivate awareness of your innate ability to bring comfort, express compassion and ultimately heal the body through touch. In an environment of abundant support, complete nourishment and unobstructed focus, develop the confidence and ability to provide restorative bodywork – and enjoy the ultimate Bali experience with authentic exploration of this gentle culture.

Under the guidance of an exceptional and highly respected practitioner of this art; Explore methods to channel purity of intention, provide comfort through physical contact and open energy pathways. Learn to truly express yourself through touch – whether showing affection for loved ones, offering an adjustment in a yoga class or providing a therapeutic massage treatment, finding comfort and freedom in experiencing touch is a life-enhancing skill. Raghu’s course material is designed to enhance your understanding of working with acupressure points, allow healthy flow of energy through the body’s meridian lines, and develop your ability to navigate through a restorative bodywork sequence with optimal flow and energetic efficiency. This course will empower you with the ability to offer 1 Hour sessions in Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Spending the week at our divine eco-luxury retreat is the perfect way to rejuvenate. Our venue for this immersion is relaxed and nurturing; Westrive to cultivate a safe, respectful and caring space where guests can heal and grow spiritually. There is time to relax, enjoy a tropical drink by the pool, indulge in a spa treatment and connect with others. The fresh gourmet meals provided are delicious, abundantly nourishing and prepared with love using fresh produce from the organic garden and delightful neighboring eco-farms – To top it off, you’re invited to treat yourself to decadent desserts, and make the most of this tropical paradise by tasting the sweetest exotic fruits of the season.

This immersion goes beyond the typical retreat experience; It is so much more than a week away to refresh and re-energize, because you will be taking home a skill that you can continue to practice and sustain. We place great importance on learning through experience – that is why the course material is built around guided practice of The Healing Art of Touch – this is also the reason we’ll dive deeply into our exploration of Balinese culture, spirituality and artistry, under the guidance of our warmhearted local hosts who have a lifetime of experience sharing the most breathtaking sights and sounds in the region. We invite you to share in our connection with this inspiring culture and the wonderful people that will leave you in awe of this magical island…


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Seen through the eyes of his students as a master of his discipline; It is Raghu’s passion for bodywork and focused ability to channel healing energy that makes what he does a form of art. After years of experience in working with the human form, and imparting inexhaustible knowledge onto his many students, he still views himself and nothing more than a devoted student of this practice. His humility drives his continuing studies of the healing arts, and brings him back to Thailand continually to deepen in the Thai Yoga Bodywork tradition. Raghu’s healing work is a harmonious coming-together of his practice of Reiki and well-educated touch.

A Mentor

With soft self-confidence and clear, honest communication – Raghu meets his students at their level and patiently nurtures them towards a place of comfort in using in their abilities. Raghu radiates kindness and compassion; His approach is formed through the awareness that sharing touch is a sensitive energetic interaction – it exposes human vulnerability and should be treated with utmost respect in order to harness trust as energies come together.

Spiritual Seeker

Raghu’s spiritual journey began when he was 13 years old, as he started to experience a pull towards a deeper understanding of the Self; His practice of yogaasanas and meditation built an appreciation for the body and mind as the channel for understanding his consciousness. After spending years compromising with the demands of society, Raghu made the decision to surrender a successful career and devote himself to furthering his spiritual awareness.

Always A Student

Having initially taken up the practice of Yoga Massagein it’s country of origin, India – Raghu subsequently travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to grow towards mastery in the healing arts under the guidance of some of the most highly regarded massage therapists and energy workers in the world. Several pilgrimages back to Thailand over the years led Raghu to far surpass his initial goals of being a certified Thai Yoga Massage andTokseninstructor.Further expanding his capacity in the healing arts,Raghu took up the practices of Reiki and Life Regression techniques under BalakrishnaGuruji, which have complimented his abilities as a teacher through their powers of unlocking hidden potential and bringing deeper insight to physiological and psychological processes. Now well-versed in a combination of disciplines; Raghu blends his technical proficiencies and understanding of universal energy to give rise to a unique and exceptional form of healing.



Charmelle(Assistant Teacher)

As a bodyworker, she is inherently sensitive to the art of touch, and works through a deep understanding of the physical and energetic patterns of the human body.  Her natural and intuitive abilities became actively cultivated and refined when she had the honor of being trained in Thai Yoga Bodywork and the Toksen Technique by Master Raghu in Mysore, India. Charmelle has continued to work closely with her mentor over the seasons that followed, assisting him in the facilitation of several group courses.

Our Retreat Includes:

  • Airport Pickup and Drop-off(Available between 8AM and 9PM, or at $25 surcharge after hours)
  • Welcome drink and a complimentary foot massage upon arrival
  • Baggage porter service
  • Deluxe eco-luxury accommodation (With air-conditioning, fan, en-suite bathrooms and patios)
  • Homemade organic toiletries
  • Lovely additional in-room luxuries (such as fine bathrobes and slippers, hairdryer and safe/lock-box)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Three delicious and abundantly nourishing meals each day
  • Fresh tropical fruits served daily
  • Fresh drinking water available at all times
  • Full use of the wonderful facilities (including the airy yoga and meditation studio, and a Healing Pool which has been masterfully designed to encourage relaxation – shapedto allow you to sit and read or enjoy a refreshing coconut)
  • Stunning views from three separate roof-top terraces, to find yourself surrounded by vibrant green rice paddies, majestic volcanoes and the glistening Indian Ocean
  • A variety of included excursions, carefully selected to bring you in touch with the local culture
  • Expert concierge service to assist you in planning and booking any additional adventures during your stay
  • The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide book with everything you’ll need to know about visiting the island during the retreat and beyond
  • High-speed wireless Internet connection throughout the property, so you can keep in touch with loved ones back home

Available at additional cost:

  • Any additional snacks or sweet treats
  • Freshly pressed juices, smoothies, health tonics and elixirs
  • Premium coffees or freshlyinfused tea
  • Laundry Service
  • A variety of holistictreatments at our delightful Melati Spa
  • Any additional Adventures permitted by our schedule (Your Expert Concierge with assist you in booking excursions in learning local arts, Balinese cooking classes, visiting waterfalls, traditional dance lessons, a private session with a Balinese Healer, a day-trip to Ubud, visitinga coffee plantation, horse-riding on the beach, surfing, scuba diving and many others…)
  • A personal driver or vehicle rental, should you wish to go exploring during your stay
  • After hours airport pick-up and drop-off (Charged at $25 between the hours of 9PM and 8AM)

Note: Airfare and Travel Insurance are not included in the cost of this retreat.

All prices are listed in US Dollars
Prices listed areall-inclusive; there will be no further addition of tax and service fees.

Early Bird Pricing(Full payment received before 30th June 2017)
Single Occupancy: $2499
Double Occupancy: $1999 (Per person)

Price Applicable after 30th June 2017
Single Occupancy: $ 2750
Double Occupancy: $ 2250(Per person)

As this is an exclusive event, please understand that spaces are very limited. We advise that guests reserve as soon as possible to secure their place on this retreat. Once the retreat is full, you may request to be added to a waiting list to be notified of any cancellation.

A non-refundable deposit of $450 may be paid to hold your place on this retreat.

Full payment is due before 25th July 2017

Please note: While all available rooms are of similar standard, certain aspects do vary slightly (Such as location on the property, privacy, view, availability of bathtub and more) –Guests who provide full payment earliest will be allowed to select their preferred room from those available.

If you are travelling alone and wish to be paired with another guest for Double Occupancy, please contact us (dragonflyretreatsbali@gmail.com) and we will endeavor to find a suitable pairing for you -If this cannot be arranged, Single Occupancy prices will apply.

Once the payment has been made to secure your place, you will be contacted to confirm your preferred room, dietary requirements and travel itinerary.

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Course Outlines:

  • 25 HourCertification Course: Upon the completion of this 7-day immersion, you will receive a certificate from iMosha(Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts) to practice and offer sessions in Thai Yoga Bodywork
  • Course Materials:A detailed manual will be provided; featuring images and descriptions of the techniques learned on the course, along with valuable information on Thai Yoga Bodywork – and will be yours to keep.
  • Practical Tools will be passed on to you for future use, including ambient background music for bodywork sessions, educational anatomy videos and further recommended reading in PDF format
  • Guided Meditationsled by Raghu; introducing a powerful technique to stimulate the third eye
  • Intention Setting to initiate yourself as a channel of healing energy, so that your practice of bodywork may be experienced as devotional service
  • Practice moving through a set sequence of therapeutic positions, with confident, efficient movement and healthy preservation of your own physical energy
  • Learn to locate and stimulate acupressure points and encourage healthy flow of energy along the body’s meridian lines
  • Be Empowered with the ability to offer 1 Hour restorative bodywork sessions, of therapeutic techniques in supine, prone and seated positions.

Experience The Real Bali…

  • An enlighteningIntroductory Talk on Balinese customs, traditions and spirituality with the fascinating Maryam Putu of the Balinese royal family
  • A short workshop in TraditionalOffering-Making; Bringing a deeper understanding of thischerished tradition in Balinese culture
  • A guided Purification Ritual at Tempak Siring; The most sacred water-spring temple on the island
  • Expert guidance in exploring the work of local Master-Craftsmen in Wood-carving, Batik prints, Silversmithing, and other traditional arts Should you wish to take home any Balinese treasures,your wonderful local guides will assist you in finding the highest quality and greatest value.
  • Celebratory Dinnersfor the special occasions of welcoming our guests, and bidding them farewell; with all the festivity and warmth of Balinese hospitality.
  • Special Performances by genuinely talented and dedicated localmusicians and traditional dancers

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I am so happy to have undergone this course on an ancient healing art, and thankful to team IMOSHA for sharing this knowledge with the world. I feel Raghu is a wonderful channel to this knowledge, which undoubtedly will help human kind.
– Sathish, India


Very Informative and well organized. Lessons go well beyond just Thai Yoga Bodywork. Great teacher.
– Dario Sotocorno, Italy


The course is very well structured. The teacher is knowledgeable and his patience, understanding and explanation is so much appreciated. The support material adds to the course and is very beneficial. I felt there was great practice time, insight and questions always addressed thoroughly. Thank You. I am so grateful to have found Raghu as a teacher.
– Georgina Simpson, South Africa


Taking the Thai Yoga Massage with iMosha is a good choice! Raghu is a wonderful teacher, always helpful, friendly, and supportive. My classmates and I learned so much and discovered amazing ways of handling the body to help in relaxation and healing body aches. Every day was fun and interesting – and not lacking in challenges. Now I’m equipped with great knowledge and confident in my abilities. Thank you Raghu!
– George, Lebanon


I arrived not knowing much about Thai massage and left with all the skills and knowledge needed in order to feel 100% confident that I can now treat and help others revive their mind, body and spirit. Raghu is a wonderful teacher and you can feel his love for the art during every lesson. He has all the attributes that a teacher needs, I was very pleased to have crossed paths with him.
– Karl, United Kingdom

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