10 reasons to learn Thai Yoga Massage

10 reasons to learn Thai Yoga Massage

If you came here thinking you’d learn for yourself, think again – but if you came here because the first thing that came to mind was someone who might need this, you’re on the right path. Strike the right balance between the mind and the body with Thai Yoga massage. This ancient practice – dating back to 2,500 years – is a powerful healing tool that revitalizes the body’s energy systems. This exceptional Ayurvedic body therapy is based on the concept of life force or energy, which flows along specific channels in the body, called “Sen Lines” or “Prana Nadis”.

A combination of yogic postures, meditation, acupressure and reflexology, Thai massage stimulates the pressure points in the body that open up blocked energy pathways, causing free flow of energy, which assists the body in healing itself.

Some of the most remarkable benefits of this unique and powerful healing art are:

  1. Boosts immune system and detoxifies the body:
    Thai yoga bodywork stimulates the nervous system and relaxes the muscles thereby expelling toxins from within the body and improving blood circulation. An active immune system is crucial for actively fighting diseases.
  2. Increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
    The diverse Yogasanas used by Thai Yoga Bodywork can enhance the circulatory system in the body. While assisted yoga, unblocks the energy lines or the Sen, that in-turn improves circulation and reduces muscle and tissue damage occurring due to cramps and anaerobic respiration. Further, when the alternating pressure on the artery is applied, fresh oxygenated blood courses throughout the blood vessel, removing stagnant blood and toxins from the walls of the blood vessels. This, in turn, increases blood circulation and helps regulate blood pressure.
  3. Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility and mobility
    The stretching and application of pressure on extremities including the feet, hands, thumbs, knuckles and fingers, the muscle areas in the body relaxes and becomes more flexible. This effective healing therapy alleviates pain, stiffness, and improves the overall functionality of the joints.
  4. Relieves arthritis and back pain
    Thai massage regulates arthritis and back pain by warming up and relaxing muscles and improving the flow of blood throughout the body. If you are seeking an alternate method for relief from such conditions, fix an appointment with a certified Thai massage specialist for a successful and speedy recovery, or get your significant other to sign up for a Thai Yoga Bodywork Course and be rid of the pain for life.
  5. Prevents illness and alleviates degenerative diseases
    A strong immune system actively fights and destroys disease-causing pathogens. Thai massage has been seen to be has proven extremely effective in treating degenerative diseases and conditions as it boosts the immune system and releases blocked energy pathways. It also prevents frozen shoulder, neck and shoulder pain, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, menstrual problems and a lot more.
  6. Slows down the aging process
    Thai massage is excellent for slowing down the aging process. The distinct techniques employed in Thai massages invigorate the skin, regenerates tissues, and relaxes facial muscles. This results in improved respiratory function, effective sinus drainage, improved circulation in the face and release of tension from the scalp.
  7. Improves emotional balance and self-awareness
    Today’s world is a busy world, which makes it is easier for people to lead an unfit lifestyle. As a result, people today are prone to exhaustion, fatigue, and emotional imbalance. Thai yoga massage is the ideal remedy to cure all these conditions. The Thai yoga bodywork routine energizes and helps your body heal and enables you to ease and manage your stress levels, and most importantly, help you lead a healthier life.
  8. Reduce and relieves stress and anxiety increases mental clarity
    Thai Yoga massage rekindles the connection between the mind body and soul. By combining yogic postures, reflexology, and meditation, Thai yoga bodywork offers you a better understanding of your body, a clear and peaceful mind, and the ability to identify the roots of mental, physical and emotional stress. This also helps you to respond and react to situations better – notice the word is respond, rather than react -this is the real difference Thai Yoga Bodywork can make on your mind and body.
  9. Reduces the levels of cortisol – the stress hormone
    The healing and meditative aspect of Thai Yoga Bodywork are highly effective in bringing down the stress levels in the body. This magnificent therapy manipulates muscles, releasing emotional and mental stress by bringing down the Cortisol level. It also boosts the production of serotonin, considerably improving your mood. Additionally, meditation helps you relax and stay calm.
  10. Improves sleep, specifically deep sleep
    Another distinct benefit of Thai yoga is that it alleviates insomnia. Thai massage releases pent-up energy from various stress points, naturally soothing the mind and the body. Next time you find difficulty sleeping, get a Thai massage to rejuvenate your mind and experience complete restfulness of the mind and the body.

Given the benefits/advantages of Thai Yoga Bodywork, consider the advantages of knowing how to practice it and help others along on their journey to convalescence!

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  1. Om
    I am searching for a Thai yoga massage training class for Nov/Dec of this year. I was wondering if you can help me.
    I am a trained yoga teacher from France who would like to learn about this healing technic
    Om & Prem

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